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  • Strategic financial advisory for both corporate and private investors in formulating and selecting strategies to maximise shareholder value
  • Management of acquisitions, mergers and other corporate restructuring processes
  • Advisory in restructuring company capital structure
  • Advisory in raising debt and equity capital on private and public capital markets
  • Valuations of enterprises or their parts

Competitive advantages

Rothschild & Co worldwide

As an exclusive agent of Rothschild & Co, we participate in the projects this pre-eminent international financial institution executes in the Czech and Slovak Republics. We also receive support for our clients from the international Rothschild & Co network.
International know-how

Access to the know-how and contacts of Rothschild & Co worldwide and the possibility of utilising its extensive experience and acknowledged experts in central and eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and other countries.

Complete independence of our firm and its managing partners from any financial, industrial or banking group.

Our executive managers rely on their years of real-world, client-tested experience acquired while working in financial services and advisory.
Financial stability

The company’s stable financial position is assured by its highly specialised sphere of activity. The quality and scope of services cannot be affected by the results of any other business lines.

An exclusive focus on advisory and management services enables a highly professional approach free from any conflict of interest. The firm undertakes no investment, banking or other similar activities, which could compromise the independence of its advisory and management services.
Domestic representation on an international level

We afford our clients the comfort of direct domestic market access to advisory of the highest international quality standards.
Long-term relationships

We aim to build long-term relationships with clients, sharing our vision of independent advisory and analyses for the purpose of truly maximising shareholder value.